Congratulations! If you are reading this then it is likely you are engaged and starting to plan your wedding. We hope your wedding day is a great celebration of your love for each other and we will help you in every way we can to plan the service and to prepare you for marriage itself. If you are arranging a reception venue or other details then please do check with us before making commitments to avoid any disappointment.

For Catholic Christians, Marriage is a sacrament that is normally celebrated in the home parish of the bride or the groom. Before a man and a woman consent to the Sacrament of Marriage the couple are invited to participate in a marriage preparation programme and to follow the Parish Wedding Guidelines This preparation includes the “Enrich Marriage” preparation course and the opportunity to discuss/plan the wedding service.

It is not unusual for particular circumstances or individual needs to necessitate a relatively extensive period of time for preparation, so couples are urged to arrange a first meeting with as soon as possible. It is recommended to give a minimum of six months advance notice to allow time to properly prepare and because there is a fair amount of paperwork to do. However, we understand that sometimes there are special circumstances which mean this notice period would be difficult so please do discuss your situation with who will do what he can to help.

Couples who have been married in a civil ceremony may wish to celebrate their marriage as a Sacrament. This process of sacramentally celebrating their marriage is called convalidation and will be most pleased to help any couples with this process. It is usually celebrated within a simple, no frills ceremony with the married couple, their witnesses and a few family members and friends. Do not hesitate to speak to whenever you are ready to celebrate your civil marriage as a Sacrament.

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